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National Economic Social Advisor Council (NESAC) was established in Myanmar by the President U Thein Sein’s mandate in 2012 as an independent advisory body to assist the government of Myanmar with the implementation of the Framework for Economic and Social Reform and to support the formulation of the National Development Plan.

NESAC’s primary objectives are as follows:
  • To engage with the government, international organizations and businesses to pro-mote foreign investment;
  • To assist the government by providing expert analyses reports, feedbacks and advisory services on social and economic issues through studies and surveys;
  • To promote and disseminate new policy and research to support and strengthen the national planning and reform processes and
  • To promote inclusive growth by working with the government, civil societies and development partners.

The Presidential mandate tasked NESAC with following core duties and responsibilities:
  • 1. To advise formulation of National Development Plan and Reform Strategy, and promotion of Domestic and Foreign Investments, Foreign Aids and Grants;
  • 2. To help and make concerted efforts to achieve all inclusive, equitable and sustainable development by effectively reducing poverty by securing avail-ability of food and sufficient food supply by promoting agriculture, rural and urban development;
  • 3. To coordinate holding of seminars for receiving domestic and international technical assistance, aids, grants and financial resources for investment and development;
  • 4. To advise to effectively allocate Foreign Aids and Grants for the benefits of the Nation and its people;
  • 5. To advise to be in line with International laws, rule and regulations, procedures and other best practices for social and economic development of the Nation and its people;
  • 6. To study, analyse and provide necessary advice on economic and social progress for national development and
  • 7. To help Myanmar migrant-citizens participate in the process of national development and to work for human resources development.

NESAC’s members are:
  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable across a wide range of issues
  • Connected – to business and government
  • Engaged internationally
  • Working across a number of different projects – MPC, MDRI, Rankin, ADB Consultancy, Rotary, etc.

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March 3, 2016 ( Thursday )

The Second National Round Table: “A New Policy Vision for Accelerating Myanmar’s Vegetable Sector”

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NESAC Presidential Decree
( MYANMAR Version )

NESAC Presidential Decree
( ENGLISH Version )